The F.A.Y.I.N. Agency is here for you … to find the best insurance value, that fits your needs. Established by Shenequa Chapman, and staffed by people who care. The success of our business stands strong because we really do care about you!

Team180 is an non-profit that feeds 10,000 children daily. Founded by Angelique Miller, their mission is to empower the youth and families, and to reverse the impacts of malnutrition and homelessness in Los Angeles.


House Of Macau


The HouseOfMacau is a sexy lounge restaurant with mind blowing chow. The Classic Asian tradition meets the Macanese culture, bringing you the experience of a lifetime. The tranquil atmosphere, good food, and outstanding service is enough to keep you as a regular.



A one stop shop for planning your production, Quixote has state-of-the-art studios, production vehicles, equipment, and production supplies. Their quality service, and quick turnaround is impressive beyond measure.

CEM logoCEM is a professional full service video production company and talent management agency. They specialize in reality shows, indie films, reels, and much more.


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